Things To Figure Out Before You Rent A Guitar From Your Local Music Shop

Regardless of your reason for needing to rent an electric or acoustic guitar, your local music shop should be the place you turn. Before you move forward with finding the right instrument to suit your needs, however, it's generally effective to do some research — either on the store's website or by visiting in person and asking a rental agent — so that you have a full understanding of the rental process. Here are a handful of things that you'll want to figure out before renting the guitar of your choice.

Availability Of Other Items

It's ideal if you rent your guitar from a music retailer that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your rental needs. Think about what other items you may need to rent alongside the guitar. If you're renting an electric guitar, for example, you want to be sure that the store has amplifiers that can be rented — and an extensive array of amps with various features and at different price points. If you're renting the electric guitar with the intention of performing, you'll also want to ensure that the music shop has PA systems that customers can rent.

Price Break For Long-Term Rentals

At many music shops, you'll see the per-day price go down as you look at longer rental periods. For example, a guitar might be $20 per day to rent, but only $40 for a three-day period and $60 for one week. While a short-term rental might suit you if you're a performing musician and you simply want a higher-quality guitar than what you own for a couple upcoming shows, long-term rentals are appealing to some musicians. For example, if your child will be playing the guitar for a school music group and you need the instrument for four or five months, you'll want to find out how cost effective it is to rent for this longer duration.

Rent To Own Option

Some music shops give customers the ability to rent to own an instrument. This can work if you lack the funds to buy the instrument in a lump-sum payment right away. Instead, you might wish to pay a smaller amount of money each week or month for a certain amount of time until you've fully paid for the instrument and now own it outright. If this might be an option for you, make sure that your music shop can offer this service. Contact a business such as DeVoe's Music for more information.