Music And Special Needs Children

If you have a special needs child, then you know you will find some things that help them in many ways. For example, giving your child a weighted blanket can help an autistic child calm down or feel secure. Music can also be a great tool for a child who has special needs, and this article will help you to learn how music can be beneficial to these children. Here are some of the benefits of music with regards to a special needs child.

Music can help to motivate them – Sometimes a special needs child can have a hard time getting motivated. You can use music to motivate them to stay on task and focus their attention. It can be used to prompt a response out of them. For example, you can play the keyboard for them and hold it out to them in an attempt to get them to respond accordingly. Then, they can play it and improve their motor skills.

Music can provide them with a multi-sensory lesson – Your child may not realize it, but when they are playing with different instruments, they will also be learning and honing in on many sensory strengths. For example, when a child is playing the keyboard or beating on a drum, they will also be exercising their tactile system as they feel the instrument in their hands. They will also be exercising their auditory system when they hear the sounds that they are making with the instrument. Their visual system is engaged as they watch the instrument as they play it. They will be exercising their kinesthetic system as they move their body in order to play the instrument.

Music will help a special needs child bond – Music is a great way for you to spend time with your child while they engage with the instrument and with you. It offers a great bonding experience where your child will enjoy making music and listening to the music that you make. You can sing with your child to their music and have fun making up song lyrics as you dance to them.

Music uses both hemispheres of the brain – Music is a great way to get your child to use both hemispheres of their brain at the same time. While they make music and listen to it, they will be getting in a great exercise lesson for their brain without even knowing it.

For more information on music for children with special needs, contact your local professionals.