Add An Upbeat Twist To Family Cleaning Sessions

If getting your spouse and children motivated to tidy up the house over the weekend is becoming more of a chore than the actual task at hand, playing some upbeat family music can help. Purchase a couple of albums that feature silly songs about animals or that contain fast-paced instrumental solos that are all intertwined to create some energetic and inspirational songs.

Review The Music And Create A Playlist

Some upbeat songs may coincide with specific cleaning tasks better than others. For instance, if scrubbing the bathtub is one of the chores listed on a loved one's list, you may want to play a song that maintains a steady beat throughout. This type of music will help your family member maintain their concentration, and they can move a sponge or towel swiftly back and forth along with the music that they are listening to.

After purchasing a couple of upbeat family albums, listen to the tracks. Create a playlist that includes the title and length of each song. Make copies of the list and hand them out to your loved ones. Let your family know about the proposed change in the cleaning routine.

Coordinate The Songs With The Tasks

Coordinate the list of songs with all of the tasks that are being handled. If you want your family to dedicate a couple of hours to tidying up their personal spaces and some common areas in your home, pinpoint how much time will need to be invested and the number of songs that should be played to cover the cleaning session. Use some of the songs as intermissions. When these songs play, encourage everyone to take a break and dance together or sit down and enjoy the music that is being played.

Play A Celebratory Song To End Each Session

Your new music and cleaning routine can be orchestrated to include a celebratory song, which will signal that the cleaning session is winding down for the day. Allow your spouse and children to pick their favorite songs and come to an agreement concerning which one will be deemed the celebratory number.

As this song is played, everyone can begin putting their cleaning supplies away. Once you have practiced the new cleaning and music combo a few times, you may discover that things have gotten more organized and that you and your family members are able to tackle the required tasks within the allotted time.

If you're ready to buy upbeat music for families, contact family-friendly music vendors in your area.