Love Celtic Music? Think About Buying One Of These Instruments

Many people are fans of Celtic music — often because they heard it in their home when they were growing up. If you still enjoy this musical genre and you've decided that you want to learn how to play it with an instrument, you have several choices. Visit a musical instrument store to evaluate what instruments it offers that are relevant to the Celtic genre. This is a type of music that incorporates a wide range of instruments, so you shouldn't have trouble picking out something that appeals to you and that you feel eager to learn how to play. Here are some instruments that can be good options for a fan of Celtic music.

Tin Whistle

The tin whistle is a fixture in Celtic music, so you've likely heard it in countless songs over the years. This instrument is easy to find at local music stores and can be a good starting point for someone who doesn't have a musical background. While it can take some time to master the tin whistle, it's an instrument on which you can learn the basics fairly quickly. This can make it a good choice for someone who wants to be able to play some simple songs within a short amount of time of picking up the instrument for the first time.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are prevalent in many different types of music, from country to pop. They're also common in the Celtic genre. While there are other stringed instruments that you'll find in Celtic music, an acoustic guitar is a good choice to consider because you can find it in virtually every musical instrument store that you visit. There are many tutorials online that you can follow to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, and it's also easy to find a local teacher if you'd prefer to take that route.


If you're looking for a percussion instrument, the bodhran is a good choice. It's an Irish drum with a wooden frame that you'll hear in a lot of Celtic music. The bodhran is a drum that you hold with one hand and play with the other hand. Some players hit the drum with their hand, while others use a specialized drumstick known as a "tipper" — something that you can buy at any retailer that sells bodhran drums. Higher-end drums will have heads that are made of dried animal skin, while those that are more affordable typically have synthetic heads.

Check out a local musical instrument store to learn more about your options.