Finishing Your First Film

After all the hard work you've done on your student project or independent movie, having a film completed is a feeling of accomplishment. However, if you plan to do well with the film you've put together, you need to do a few finishing touches that will make it seem more professional. Special touches like the ones below will allow you to proudly show your film to others.

1- Editing

Even if you planned out your entire film, it will likely require some level of editing. Editing helps "tighten" the film and control the pacing of the action. Some scenes could stand to be shortened, while you may also have natural scenes or scenes without dialogue which need to be inserted in a way that seems smooth and natural. Give yourself a few days to tackle this process; you may also ask for help from creative friends with a good sense of action.

2- Music and Soundtrack

Ever since the days when sheet music was recommended to movie houses showing silent films, music has had a very strong relationship with movie-making. Very few films have no music at all, and many films have a soundtrack which contains underlying mood music and melodies for montages and other parts of the film. 

To properly insert music into your film, you'll first require a supervisor who understands the themes of your film to select appropriate music to be played. If you require instrumental or live music, you'll need to contract individual players or groups. You may wish to work with a small music company like SAN DIEGO MUSIC SERVICES that offers customer soundtrack services so that you can focus on the film and the music chosen under your guidance will be made available while you're in the editing part of your film process.

3- Re-shoots

Like most creative people, as you edit and add the soundtrack to your work, you may get new ideas. While your actors may be at work on new projects of their own, you may still need to re-shoot some scenes or locations. This shouldn't be overlooked; don't discount the need for re-shoots unless you can truly say you're pleased with the footage you already have.

With help of editing, re-shooting and custom soundtrack work, your film is more likely to seem professionally done. Other filmmakers should be able to recommend some contractors to work with and more ideas to use. Take your time and create your first masterpiece. T