Creative Tips That Help Even The Top Songwriters

The best music each year gets Grammy Awards and other accolades, in addition to numerous sales and streams. The top songwriters can earn a nice living penning music for themselves or for others. While there are so many different genres of music, there are some tried and true creative methods that the top songwriters have been able to use for great success. If you're an emerging songwriter looking to sharpen your craft and build your legacy, let the tips in this article get you started down the right path. 

The top songwriters create regularly to stay in practice

In order to keep the flow of inspiration for your music, you need to keep the "faucet" running. Many of the top songwriters put out plenty of music, complete and incomplete, that most of the world will never hear. This happens often because the song isn't up to high standards or won't fit the tone and theme of a particular album. Aside from this, regularly making music is the best way to get better at it. Get into the habit of regularly penning lyrics, creating melodies, and completing songs so that you stay in practice.

By keeping the flow of creativity going, you'll get more from your studio sessions and will become a more efficient and productive artist. Many artists write morning pages, which act as three pages of stream of consciousness writing that declutters the mind and frees up thoughts and creativity. Starting your day this way can free up inspiration later in the day. 

Play around with melodies and rhythms in addition to lyrics

As a songwriter, you know that melodies and rhythms are a big part of the process. Many top songwriters typically lean more either toward lyrics or melodies as a strength. Take the time to work hard on both, and put some extra time into whichever is a weaker part of your toolkit. Your songs will take on new life when they're delivered in a way that makes people want to move or dance. If you're struggling, sit down in front of a piano or download a keyboard app that can play notes that you can match as you both train your ear and look to make better songs. Work with other artists that bring a lot out of you so that you can push your limits and keep improving at everything that you do. 

Consider the tips in this article as you look into improving your songwriting skills.