Piano Tuning Services Keep Your Piano In Tune So You Can Make Beautiful Music

If you or your child want to learn the piano, you'll probably want to buy a piano for your home. Whether you buy a new or used one, you'll need to have it tuned after it's moved and delivered. You'll also need to tune the piano regularly over its lifetime. Here are things to know about piano tuning services.

A Piano May Need Tuning Once A Year Or More Often

If you buy your piano from a music store, they'll let you know how often to tune it. A brand-new piano may need to be tuned a few times during the first year. Once the piano has settled, yearly tuning might be sufficient, but that depends on the type of piano and brand.

The environment the piano is in affects how often it needs to be tuned. Temperature extremes aren't good for a piano, so if you keep your home temperature and humidity controlled throughout the year, your piano can probably go longer between service calls than if you open your windows and have fluctuating humidity and temperatures.

If you don't keep up with tuning your piano as often as you should, it may need to be tuned more than once to get it back in tune, so it's best to stick with the schedule recommended by a music store professional.

Piano Tuning Services Vary

If your piano is tuned regularly, it is usually easier to tune than a piano that has fallen out of tune through neglect. It could take more work and a longer service call to get a neglected piano back in tune. Also, tuners usually just tune a piano. If your piano is also damaged, you may need a piano technician to make repairs first.

A piano tuner comes to your house, so you'll want to prepare your piano by removing personal items you may have on it. You'll also want to keep kids and pets out of the way and keep the area quiet so the tuner can hear well and concentrate on their work.

Tuning a piano is a skill that needs an experienced professional to do. It involves tightening or loosening the tuning pins to adjust the pitch of the music. If your piano is old and the pins can't be tightened, you might need a new piano instead. Valuable pianos can be repaired, but it may not be worth the expense to repair pins in a basic old piano.

Fortunately, piano tuning services are usually successful, even if your piano is old. However, keeping up with regular tuning is important when you want your piano to hold its pitch and be easy to tune when you have a service call.

Contact a local piano tuning service to learn more.