Tuned In: How To Choose The Best Music Instructor For Your Child

When it comes to music instruction for a child, many parents think about finding a teacher who has the best academic credentials in music instruction or who has the most experience. However, while experience and credentials matter, the best music instructor for your child is one who will interact well with your child and who will be sensitive to your child's unique learning style and skill level. The right teacher will be tuned into your child's needs and will make your child feel confident when learning.

Attend a recital

One of the easiest ways to find a music instructor for your child is to attend local music recitals and watch how the instructor interacts with the students. Attending recitals allows you to see the work of the students under the instructor's direction, which can give you an up-close look at the quality of the music lessons taught. It is also a good place to meet other parents who are willing to recommend music instructors their children had good results with.

Ask about free lessons

It is not uncommon for music instructors to offer one free music lesson to attract new students. This is a great opportunity to see how your child and the instructor work together. First impressions mean a lot, and if your child feels comfortable with a music instructor during their first encounter, it is usually a positive sign.

Niches matter

Music instructors may have a niche they enjoy working in. Some instructors enjoy working exclusively with students who are first-time instrument players. Others may prefer to work with students who already know the basics and are looking to expand to more sophisticated music techniques and compositions.

Ask your potential instructor if they specialize in new students or those who are at different levels of learning. This can help you match a teacher to your child's learning skills to make the learning process a positive experience for both of them.

Know when to leave

If your child begins music lessons with an instructor who appeared to be a good match, but things are not working out, you should not feel bad about leaving and finding a new instructor. This often occurs due to personality conflicts between your child and the instructor. However, failure to progress may just mean your child's learning style does not match the teaching style of the instructor.

The right music teacher for your child can make a big impact on your child's experience when learning to play an instrument. Finding a music instructor who understands your child's learning style, and who your child feels comfortable with, will get your child off to a great start.

For more info, speak with a variety of music teachers.