3 Ways Screenwriters Can Learn from Songwriting Interviews

In the entertainment industry, you will come across many types of writers. While certain sections of writers will rarely cross paths, you could find a lot of common interests when you explore genres and forms of writing. If you're a screenwriter, you may not know much about the world of songwriting, but you could learn a lot of lessons from a songwriter.

The lessons you take directly from songwriting could apply to your everyday writing of movies, television shows, and other screenplays. Check out some of the lessons to look for and what to look for the next time you read or listen to songwriting interviews.

1. Condensed Storytelling

A songwriter only has so many lines to get a story or point across. They often have to edit lines, get to the point faster, and learn how to build the story naturally. Condensed storytelling is also an important part of screenwriting. The actions you write for characters should be short and to the point. The condensed storytelling becomes an important factor on the page.

Through songwriters, you can learn how to remove fluff, keep important story elements in, and tell your story in the best way possible.

2. Metaphors & Deeper Meaning

Songwriters often use lyrics and titles to convey metaphors and deeper meaning into a song. Through interviews, you can learn how a songwriter finds ways to implement those metaphors and use them in an effective way. Through your screenplays, you may use similar methods to showcase symbols and metaphors in specific scenes.

Learn how to layer double-meanings on scenes, build up moments, and create engaging content that would keep viewers interested. Songwriters can showcase the process and how they look at everyday life to find inspiration.

3. Musical Scripts

You never know where your screenwriting journey will take you. In some instances, you may find yourself writing a whole musical or screenplay scenes with musical elements. Instead of going into the process without any experience, you can learn and study from songwriters.

Songwriter interviews can cover the basic structures of songs and what they look for in a great song. You can also learn tips about rhyming, building a chorus, and creating memorable lines. The more interviews you read and watch, the more foundation you will build for successful songwriting within your screenplays.

Read interviews from songwriters in all different genres to get a taste for everything and then find ways to apply all that information in future screenplays you write.