Why The Violin Is A Great Option For Kids To Learn

If you are trying to get your child to enjoy and learn a musical instrument, then you may think it will be easier to convince them with a more popular option, like the guitar or drums. While those certainly do offer their own benefits, they also have some drawbacks that are hard to see from the outside. While it is certainly harder to master, you should consider enrolling your child in violin music lessons so that they can avoid some of those pitfalls and really challenge themselves to become the best musician that they can possibly be. Here are a few reasons why a violin is a great option for kids.

Less Competition In Bands 

If you want your child to really get the most out of their instrument, then you probably are going to want them to join the school band. Perhaps you may even want to get them into a regional band of some kind. If they play drums or guitar, this will be much harder because not only are there fewer of these instruments in larger orchestral bands, but they are far more popular and more kids are vying for those spots. On the other hand, school bands can have several violinists, and there are fewer kids trying to get those spots. 

Plenty Of Music To Choose From

Some of the most incredible pieces of the last few centuries have been focused on violins, and you will probably be very familiar with them even if you don't know their names off the top of your head. The violin is such an engrained instrument in the collective consciousness of the music industry and, indeed, popular culture in general that you would be hard-pressed to find an instrument with more of a range of pieces to pick from. This is good because it means your child can learn some of the most famous pieces of all time, which will help keep them entertained and engaged.

No Special Requirements

Some instruments can be quite difficult for smaller children to learn. Even instruments like the guitar or drums need a child to be quite tall, especially in the younger grades. A violin teacher can help kids of virtually all heights and abilities because it is quite a small and delicate instrument itself. It does not require a large lung capacity either, unlike some brass instruments. All it requires is good finger dexterity (which kids have an abundance of) and patience, which a violin teacher will help teach your child over time! 

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