Buying Guide: The Pros And Cons Of Digital Pianos

Buying a piano is a fantastic way to foster the arts in your own home. Learning to play the piano has physical benefits: it sharpens your motor skills and dexterity and also improves your hand-eye coordination. But it also provides mental benefits by helping to relieve stress and enhance your concentration. Buying a piano, however, is an investment. A digital piano or keyboard is one option that first-time piano buyers often consider over acoustic pianos because they are often more cost-effective. [Read More]

Add An Upbeat Twist To Family Cleaning Sessions

If getting your spouse and children motivated to tidy up the house over the weekend is becoming more of a chore than the actual task at hand, playing some upbeat family music can help. Purchase a couple of albums that feature silly songs about animals or that contain fast-paced instrumental solos that are all intertwined to create some energetic and inspirational songs. Review The Music And Create A Playlist Some upbeat songs may coincide with specific cleaning tasks better than others. [Read More]

Different Types Of Pianos: Which Will You Learn To Play?

The pianoforte is a word that means, basically, a piano. The longer version of the word is the original Italian, describing a seventeenth-century instrument having both soft (piano) and loud (forte) sounds. This percussion instrument has come a long way and is now a staple in most American homes. However, you might not know that there are different types of pianos for sale and that each of these has some unique features to it. [Read More]