Creative Tips That Help Even The Top Songwriters

The best music each year gets Grammy Awards and other accolades, in addition to numerous sales and streams. The top songwriters can earn a nice living penning music for themselves or for others. While there are so many different genres of music, there are some tried and true creative methods that the top songwriters have been able to use for great success. If you're an emerging songwriter looking to sharpen your craft and build your legacy, let the tips in this article get you started down the right path. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Take Private Guitar Lessons

The guitar is an instrument that's ubiquitous in modern entertainment. Guitars are staples in many genres of music, from folk to rock and roll. Learning to play the guitar will give you an outlet to express yourself in musical form. It will also let you entertain friends and loved ones with original songs and covers. Teaching yourself to play the guitar can be difficult, and you might learn bad habits without the influence of a good teacher. [Read More]

Love Celtic Music? Think About Buying One Of These Instruments

Many people are fans of Celtic music — often because they heard it in their home when they were growing up. If you still enjoy this musical genre and you've decided that you want to learn how to play it with an instrument, you have several choices. Visit a musical instrument store to evaluate what instruments it offers that are relevant to the Celtic genre. This is a type of music that incorporates a wide range of instruments, so you shouldn't have trouble picking out something that appeals to you and that you feel eager to learn how to play. [Read More]

Tips To Buy A Guitar And Take Lessons

Whether you are an 80's rock lover or a fan of the blues, the guitar is an instrument that is foundational. You can learn this instrument when you purchase a guitar to practice on and start taking lessons. It'll take some diligence and deliberateness, but once you learn to play, this is a skill that no one can take from you. In this article, you will learn more about learning to play the guitar and everything that comes with it. [Read More]